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The unusual move China who cut

The unusual move China who cut

BEIJING: A man who ruthlessly cutting down trees in China began planting trees to quit his job and now he has been planting millions of trees and plants.

China’s urban employment was cut in 1989, but suddenly he was not a good idea since it began planting trees before leaving the job, leaving his ax. He has achieved the status of the natural shelter of plantation on the hills cangbayy.

Chinese citizens began cutting trees in 1958, he began felling painstakingly status and celebrity activist. However, they are being given a rare tree where unemployment reached in 1986 but he continued to send him to a forest felling trees. But one day I saw her empty mountain trees that had been a sin and then quit his job and started planting.

In the spring of 1990 the plant 46 thousand trees planted at the same place where he was taken from the earth. In addition hazardous Cut weeds and planting started clearing space. Then with the help of his son brought the seeds of the rare trees in remote areas of China’s growth. In 2007 and 2008 he received national and international honors and awards.

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