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The smartphone screen solar charger will also work

The smartphone screen solar charger will also work

Illinois: joint research team of US and Korean specialists have been invented, not only can the LED emitted light and power, but also can make us feel light like a solar cell.

University of Illinois urbana Korean national research Champagne was invented in the car this LED is currently only able to remove one color of light and absorbing the expert team able to work with more colors next step is busy making preparations so that it can also color pixel in the smartphone screen. Details of the invention Research Journal, was published in the recent issue of Science.

This is the first truly failed and successful, multi-LED, can also be considered because previous efforts of this nature. The new LEDs are used in special cases nanometers in size, quantum nano-rods is called. This seems to exclude light so to feel light while using substances quantum effects of these structures with the ability to change over when the light into electricity, and that is the evil power.

It is expected that LEDs would be met through the development of smart phones in the future, which will not need a camera to look around because it will take them to the screen. In addition, they will not need to be enough to put hand shadows on the screen to guide the blue to touch each other there are 2 smart phones to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, they exchange light ‘lai-Fi’ will be able to be connected to (Li-fi).

In all the above, the charging mode LED screen can convert electricity to light and require that it be the charger will be virtually eliminated.

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