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The rulers have no interest in the promotion of the national language, Dr.Asad Areeb

The rulers have no interest in the promotion of the national language, Dr.Asad Areeb

Badayoon the census from explosive region ‘family several generations of literary tradition, forefather judge the Hindu landing Sadruddin the MQM, Balban king granted the position of the living God willing, Ex knowledge of the United Kingdom to post the same family going to. The family elders mentioned in power Qasim al-Asrar meetings to date angel. They are made of the Kings in the Dewan willing literature Emirate of judicial decisions which, speeches imperial, royal orders, posts and an office called the special letters, which represent the state in matters of speakers, set the world of poetic composition and writing too.

They are known as the representative of civilization UP Multan. Off his seat and walk, walk, represents a cultural clothing and conversation. Up from badayoon to Lahore as his home, 60s MA were frustrated by first writing and composition to Urdu, PhD to ‘work the subject of important nature Children Literature I “tramp wrote five books on religious topics with valuable works of literature.

Tourist experiences in different countries bring to write. This is simply not critical and research working writer, critic and teacher, Dr. Assad bevel serious nature of children’s literature in the subcontinent for the first time, let us turn to their condition viability:

Born in 1939, Dr. historic neighborhood Qazi Asad bevel badayoon group in the ‘family called the MQM against MQM. His father Badauni Ahsan, Abdul religious dansurbhy with the poet and writer Dehlawi orthodox disciples. Early studies found some time to get the secretary Ali Mohammad at home immediately and the King Seminary, later a famous religious school, Shams-ul-Uloom hour house where I enrolled Ghulam Rasool Nathan’s Arabic only unhu studied, until 1950, then enrolled in Islamic schools. The migration badayoon read in the eighth grade in 1950, after his family emigrated to restart education then settled in Lahore.

What metric Muslim League High School Empress Road, get some rest Dayal Singh Private’re reading college education. MA Français, said: ” It was a good time had come to teach us to read a teacher were John sacrifice. Syed Waqar my teachers and teachers in 1959, in 1961, where he enrolled in the University great, doctor of worship pain, Ghulam Hussain, Zulfiqar, Dr. Waheed Qureshi, Dr Iftikhar Siddiqi and Dr Mohiuddin included, our English teacher, Dr. Sadiq these were the men who gave us know. Those days were great university atmosphere was reading with boys and girls had been so sure that Dr. Abdullah established a ‘wall constructions, and the wall behind the girls were drunk.’

Dr Asad bevel which belonged to a feudal family badayoon when Pakistan came in strongly were waiting, they said ‘We’re going to wear and the food fill up that are destroyed, so when came slowly we were slow to pyrunprkhry.

Dr Asad bevel worked in various aspects of literature in their lives, their critical and research work began my book nineteen, cash nineteen, was this thing he was my student in 1954 starter “This book was published in 1981 in Lahore, later, the book was published in Delhi. Another significant work of literature on the tramp, Urdu mrsyy history, Dr. Assad is reported bevel of travel, world travel hy”aur ‘have been published in’ The Great Wall of Khunjrab . A combination of research and critical articles have been published in the name of language, the ‘thorns.

Dr Asad bevel the Urdu script, pronunciation and writing articles on the artistic rules of legibility. Dr Asad Bevel, who compiled of separate threads of his research on children’s literature authority regarding children’s literature in Pakistan in this regard the principal International Islamic University Dawah to Islamabad from made many seminars where he gave lectures and wrote a book called new trends ‘in’ children’s literature to guide the new writers.

Urdu, written by Dr Asad bevel in 2013 dictionary was published in the name of Allah alaryb.

Dr Asad bevel that has brought me to the proximity of the ‘religion of his books published on religious themes in the various dimensions of religious literature shared my Arabic and Persian studies in Arabic, Persian and began to look too closely Urdu faith sharing, this is my first book, letter I, which is the prayer of the effectiveness of weight and heat. Then I have a book alfrq Shia al, the subject of this book is that the parties are divided on the basis of how beliefs are what misunderstandings between them.

My book ” The problem is the subject of faith ‘, that’ I can do where you are on your own judgment rather than follow alatlaa knowledge and awareness that the approach process. Used vocabulary reproduced hereinbelow of mourning in India they are very rare and are beyond the knowledge and love of the people, want to know who know what’s explanation of the names who worked in the subject dictionaries, its name ‘Izz ‘be’. ‘Civilization grief is my book called’ The theme they thought that that arise from getting infected with the spirit of religion, or that jbltyn religious ideas, where the breadth of creative writing in it is therefore ‘cultural bereavement’ ‘I’ve learned a lot from ancient poems, short stories, poems, stories, and plays have several references, Urdu, mentioned these poets who have poems on religious subjects Write.

The tramp of literature, particularly literature written prose. ‘Ascension alaasqyn’ literary culture also leads to grief, fzly of ‘casual gathering, too. I have reviewed the religious thought of the poets, writers who write modern religious feelings internalized in his writings. ‘Review of Zahra, I have highlighted the uniqueness of each person and put a lot of things attributed to them.’

Us what we asked said you are near what people are important regarding children’s literature workers in Urdu: ‘I recognized that was the first children’s literature randomly appear, respectively Fort William College, the most important thing to me in the paths of literature, setting the “beginning of the 19th century, the then Deputy Nazir Ahmed affect them a lot of good work. Deputy Nazir Ahmad had “come to a lot of children in writing their novels such as for the elders’ The moment I are also part of the curriculum today, children took a chapter in children’s ethics even humor is also writing a carved figure and personality, as well as the President has done for children in Meerut officer wrote.

Ismail Meerut moved by praise prose articles Ethics despite today’s children’s literature has progressed but could not advance any Ismail Meerut poetry. Ismail Meerut is ahead even in children’s literature. Sufi Tabassum was great, Hamid took the name of the officer in Meerut, Deputy Nazir Ahmad and state have worked, I’ll take some components Akbar, Allahabad also by children’s literature, Iqbal children to do, but Ismail Take this little lamp in front of Meerut, Meerut Ismail articles and how are things for Urdu poetry:

This fish made within this

This water made the fish to swim

I do not realize what the object is made:

It was here he was hesitating

Across the ditch which he made ayr

View trench is to jump on top of the scene showed it how beautiful poetry, the heart of Pakistan’s top calligraphers to write their poetry on the walls. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan’s book ‘style statement and in his many poems that sets the standards for children’s literature. Hamid Ali Mirza writer and also what is good, noble Qureshi has also worked for the new children’s literature, and children are singing, his famous book.

‘Flute’ in the name of God’s greatness is also very good work, Dr Zakir Hussain, Ghulam Rabbani taban ‘Mohammad Shafiq and Abdul Hai of children’s literature in India. Our children’s literature that should be given importance, they are not “children’s literature magazines. Our only ‘Toddlers’ is working consistency for children’s literature. This is actually states is not an institution even stronger in our children’s literature. Many critics, but you will not find any critic of children’s literature. ‘

They say, ‘The reform would give the country’s news media were never learn to read the language and the language of Healthcare Quality today they are speaking the wrong language broadcaster. Today 70 years became the country but no ruling can not turn the language of nationalization when the state and the ruling left no civilization survive if they are unaware, can not remain a national pride.

This episode of Maulana Salahuddin Ahmed in Urdu language to pass on our love. ‘Ayub Khan spoke in Punjabi to a political rally in Lahore’s Mochi Gate during his first term, they aim to give a speech in Punjabi had to close, the next day the literary world editor Maulana Salahuddin Ahmed pure Punjabi was “wearing sherwani mall is considered to be at a hotel were extremely Rage ‘Meeting were not out flames from his mouth Urdu

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