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Panama case, the Supreme Court ask the chairman NAB and FBR

Panama case, the Supreme Court ask the chairman NAB and FBR

Islamabad: The Supreme Court has summoned the NAB and FBR chairman of the hearing of the case of Panama.

Justice put Pakistan is hearing the larger bench Panama case the Supreme Court, headed by Saeed Khosa, collection of records relating to the ownership of their apartments by Hussain Nawaz lawyer Salman Akram Raja Chernobyl client at the beginning of the hearing in London, all documents were ordered from London last night, Salman Akram Raja said.

Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed remarked that he dkharhyhyn documentation of surkmpnyun the names of the directors, the question is: Who was nyskul Nelson and director, documents were found sysabt Hussain Nawaz companies. A fascinating case is not being wasted our time. Case only the corruption that is Mary property bynyfysl trust or not, you had to document in terms of Mary, note to say I have to take no medicine ever again, another case in which the Siraj they will appear disqualify the persons involved do not skip, if they prove otherwise fine Siraj application shall be deemed to political rivalry.

SC Salman Akram then remarked during a conversation with Raja If Naeem is confirmed Bukhari documentation Where will the story, you Rawal Dam take out the fish, which Salman Akram Raja said Naeem Bukhari documents confirmation is not possible, I am taking legal question before the court, Chief Justice Sheikh remarked that the Prime Minister shall see no law and we will go, but will the law, the that case hearing so long.

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa remarked that do not have documentation of your strategy, you say, gave us all the resources Qatari, atnybry not have any calculation of business transactions, may be 2 things in the case, or Qatari ualamuqf we recognize it or not, because you do not have a stand and it’s documentation, which Salman Akram Raja said there is no such strategy. The documents that were presented to me, the crime hyyarykardnh rkhnymyn kudykhnahykh Are there any lawlessness. If you do not recognize Qatari who stand the application to prove who we have committed the crime, the Justice Asif Saeed Khosa remarked that’s why I’m telling you gamble playing and gambling in truth may be.

Salman Akram Raja told the court that Hussain Nawaz was appointed its representative Faisal Tiwana but all instructions on Hussain Nawaz and Faisal Tiwana Area Company has contracted, from February 2006 to July 2006 Nawaz as trustee shareholder the certificate and the shares are to Nawaz, were transferred to the Trustee Services Minerva shares issued registered shares in the company in July 2006 Minerva, 2014. Byyryr certificate holders of shares canceled over as Mary’s parents, Mary byyryr certificate placed him as trustee.

Justice query preferable that Hussain had no money to take such an expensive property to the parents because the parents have to look to invest in expensive real estate in the posh area of ​​London, the shares transferred to the trust over deadlines I, Nawaz if Hussain was working as pro representative see this document, which Salman Akram Raja said Hussain Nawaz received for the property Qatari investment, if Mary was sponsored pro dad even if the owner does not prove the flats, the document Trust Deed, which was held in 2006 between pro-Nawaz. Certificate Trust Deed is not over the cancellation, submitted fake dstauyzadalt kybynfysl owner of Mary, mosaic had expressed his discontent with the signed document that Mary is not the nuaznybhy.

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa could not dykrankuayry form asked kyasprym Court kudsykmysn, Salman Akram Raja said that Article 10 was a fair trial, it can not be a criminal case trial Commission, the Commission can only rayydy your inquiry may not punish or reward someone. Justice Asif Saeed remarked that the nature of the case will be decided in the end.

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, Salman Akram conflict in the family Statements of London apartments that query Raja, grandfather are in the world, are not making children, Kulthum pro-woman, the only one person is saved. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa remarked that Satan was the cleanliness of the law.

Salman Akram Raja said the trial court can not be disputed facts 184/3, PTI has submitted 800 pages today, the Justice Azmat Saeed remarked that the hundreds of pages in response submit, how will such a document if the case ends, if you have not completed this conspiracy case.

The Supreme Court has asked the Chairman NAB and FBR to postpone the hearing until February 21, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa remarked that a NAB Prosecutor General initiated and paper mill money laundering case

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