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Pakistani-American woman appointed to an important post at NASA

Pakistani-American woman appointed to an important post at NASA

Florida rocket can not fly without the consent of the woman scientist Space Vehicles in Pakistan have now posted a top NASA officials and, in some circumstances.

Woman scientist hba Rahmani was born in Pakistan but moved early in Kuwait. The war in Iraq had spent some time as a refugee on the border of Jordan and Iraq with their parents. Meanwhile, he had to sleep on the sand vast desert, but to see them scattered in the darkness of the desert was a love of astronomy, but he came back to Pakistan.

When the war was over, hba Kuwait Kuwait came with his parents and continued education. Hba in 1997. He enrolled at the University of Central Florida, and they want to be engineers. After graduating in 2000 hba Rahmani worked famous plane maker Boeing and was associated with the various parts of the International Space Station.

Later, she wanted to become an astronaut and he took a master’s degree from Georgia Tech for. In 2008, he regularly employed at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. They usually fly early review before the latest rocket as an engineer and also give useful advice to solve related problems. It is precisely this can hardly be said that rockets fly without their permission.

Hba Rahmani are now deployed ayuyanks and flight control engineer position at NASA. We had hba Pegasus rocket, Falcon X L and nine of the modern rockets testing and evaluation.

Hba people, especially women, to which you want to teach science and technology have become part of the pilot program. In their hard work and consistency is the key to success.

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