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Pakistan census important?

Pakistan census important?

If you are or want to buy to rent a house in an area of ​​London You must give early notification to the local council enroll yourself and other family members, it is the responsibility of the property dealer or agent liability that has been imposed by the state to any individual, company house, shop, office or for the transaction of any property that the taking of property within a specified time the local council office to provide full information.

Now we are coming from developing countries or the third world countries. Unfortunately, not every few years later, the continuation of democracy in Pakistan and said we were occupying power through undemocratic forces countrymen voice. I thank God lame lovely albeit more than a decade of corruption, but the country is moving towards democracy. That is almost 19 years after the census begins March 15 in Pakistan. The census is also underway on the court but we will not discuss here the reserve for the future.

The census is a process of great significance for the country’s development and prosperity. The census results underscores the government’s action plan for your future, including, from development to finalize plans for the improvement. The results of the census in the past, always suspicious, appeared to me to show lower political leaders from urban areas, urban areas and offer the sleeves urban and rural political leaders with the census, which is why a the views of the array are visible.

The census of March 2017 is important in the sense that the Chinese have been immediately after the spectacular start of the transit project and every general and has it sunk into the mind that just a few years, the country dear. will shed rivers of milk and honey. People who live in village life will be the quality of urban life. The idea of ​​urban hospitals, a network of schools and colleges will be child. The bridge will be built on the roads, the improvement of power systems and power in the near future will be eliminated so.

It is interesting to look at some serious and sincere appreciation to the government regarding the census this year. Army chief also eased census are clean and orders for the appointment of two hundred soldiers to ensure transparency, were mobilized for training civil administration by census staff. The claims of the government’s sincerity and integrity so great, but the situation will be clear after March 15, so that the people were satisfied with government measures.

There’s a good chance it will come handy, all language speakers who settled in Pakistan’s urban and rural areas participate in the census was dedicated to the spirit of patriotism. Keep an eye on the process of political and social organizations in their census area, where the staff will be identified shortcomings exercise there right away. The NGOs should also play a role and should assist in providing all possible resources.

I brought in a proposal and is essential to the domestic and international situation, a strict action against the breach or any obstacle to the unwanted elements in the census process through a presidential ordinance in the context of border to census in order to remove the obstacles between. Remember to participate in the census lies the secret of our prosperity is a national responsibility.

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