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PAF JF-17 Thunder aircraft fleet more

PAF JF-17 Thunder aircraft fleet more

Kamra: PAF more modern equipment in the battery block 2 has made JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft.

Advanced Block II JF-17 Thunder aircraft will be added in the 14th Squadron of the Pakistan Air Force Base Minhas.

Also present at the ceremony the guests of honor PAF jets planes special defense minister showed the aircraft flying in the past.

The JF is able to hit long distance, which is also the added convenience of flight refuel in Block 2 17 Thunder fighter jets. Pakistan announced in December 2016 ayyrunatykl Complex (PAC) Kamra what he has been given a total of 70 pieces of JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft of Pakistan Air Force.

The PAC Kamra J-17 has released more photos of Thunder, which has estimated the global defense experts see Pac 30 pieces in Kamra JF-17 Thunder Block 2 aircraft were taken in mid-January 2017 are. It is likely that today the shipment has been delivered to the PAF.

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