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However, while the young and beautiful main foods

However, while the young and beautiful main foods

London insists that experts beauty and charm most expensive lotions and creams also to the freshness and beauty does not provide foods that can give you that because it is beautiful inside sooner main ingredient in these foods When making a lasting impact.


Salmon fish are eaten willingly in the US and Europe. Has proven utility for the health of the fish. Omega three fatty acids found in salmon are safe, and skin layer (Epi drms) make it possible for water to penetrate. It keeps the skin fresh and green.

The river trout fish, tuna, mykrl, this ingredient is found in sardines and herring. The linseed and Omega III is present in pumpkin seeds.


A tomato out of the house before the summer is very good food. There laysupyn jhlsn ingredient in tomatoes reduces the skin from the sun and not the old. It is better to eat a semi ripe tomatoes because it is better absorbed into the skin laysupyn. Even once a week can drink tomato soup.


Children should be encouraged to eat the carrot early. There are anti-aksydnts components, flyuunuyydz carrots and other ingredients that reduce the harmful effects on the skin are rays of the sun when the skin already.

The beta-carotene in carrots growing cells found in the body which helps to absorb vitamin A is repaired. The use of carrots as a better vision helps you see better in the dark.


In almonds is a powerful anti-aksydnt which is full of vitamin E coat. This protects the skin from sun rays altrauayylt mzrasrat there. Another good news is that almonds can reduce cholesterol levels.


Yogurt reduces inflammation and irritation in the body. Better digestion, making it necessary ingredient for skin absorption. Exercised at noon is the best recipe for skin.

Fruit juice:

Tangerine, orange and other juices are made flexible and smooth surface collagen-filled fruit. For a slice of orange or lemon water at night skin can be very useful.


Blow is a large amount of potassium and vitamin C in the berries. It includes parts stop aging and keep skin young.

According to scientists, there are skin friendly anti aksydnts in Blow berries. The breakdown of DNA and prevents aging. Dietary experts suggest that it is very helpful to have a cup of blue berries to eat between lunch and dinner.

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