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Charging the batteries will now be blood?

Charging the batteries will now be blood?

Charging the batteries will now be blood?

Nowadays science and technology is a very development, then science has left behind all to no such thing every day and no ill scientists are used to hear about which introduced or seeing the human mind can ۔ is that these things he is and how many people are you afraid to use the things that perhaps they will not know the use of correct or wrong taking . Because the loss of such as are utilizing the anything which are also the same retaining anything about the first to use this life must take so that you have to travel from any problem ill .

Scientists have made a battery which will charge from human blood Yale university experts have discovered a thing of the extraordinary performance contains lithium-oxygen batteries better and feasible in making process congratulations wonderful catalyst provides a great help from the prhaym which is also essential part of blood.

You know that nowadays there are many more use of mobile phone is used by every person and their natural for your eyesight within which are used to say. Ythym ion batteries and you know that the electricity is being utilized for this. daily increasing their again and again to the charge of charge need. enough time is wasted and his again and again to the charge of his life becomes even less.

If the alternate a solution came in the form of batteries lithium-oxygen batteries, lithium-ion batteries other than it is natural for your eyesight becomes charge quickly and are also in charge of them than there are long are times more than the common battery on the charge of this battery life for many weeks there is one of the main thing is that in this. Lithium and oxygen chemical process in which is a dangerous gas praksayyd bhtryun lithium electrodes collected on that becomes useless and it is natural for your eyesight does not common market reached.

Yale University experts say the problem can be easily resolved with these if (heme) then be admitted named molecule may improve the performance of this molecule (molecule is different depending on the charge of this lithium-oxygen battery punishes everyone is less energy required but simultaneously electrodes lithium oxide. also does not collected on .

These experts say that the slaughter of the day, tens of thousands of food does a lot of wasted blood and often enhances the performance of lithium-oxygen batteries is difficult to dispose of the redundant blood and other than dirt the blood that is lost can be a better method.

Remember that your hemoglobin of red blood cells is an important component of hemoglobin gives red color that looks Known blood which absorb oxygen from the air.

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