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9 November Allama Iqbal Day Speech in Urdu Online

9 November Allama Iqbal Day Speech in Urdu Online

9 November Allama Iqbal Day Speech in Urdu Online

allama iqbal was a great poet poets are so big that you will have guessed from reading the books that he has written numerous poetry and the poet was called. Allama iqbal read more books in the world and are preferred. You’ve also written a book of poetry that she was talking a lot of sense, but it’s all they can understand that it’s just normal people, because the more reason to read these things and learn you , poems, lyrics, words, and wrote many books.

9 November Allama Iqbal Day Speech in Urdu Online9 November Allama Iqbal Day Speech in Urdu Online

allama iqbal born 1877 in Sialkot and was enrolled in a mission school in your home, but after some studies had received his early education there. Your teacher’s name was Mir Hasan, whom he had studied Arabic and Persian, the FA was in 1895 that passed the matriculation examination in 1893 and then started to rhyme balib elmi. In the beginning of the reform and stained Mirza Arshad Gorgani Dehlawi but after a few poems you went to Lahore. There being you had enrolled in college in 1895 and from 1897 was the BA and in 1899 received the degree of MA flsfr and BA Arabic and English were actually get on talai medals as award . Was the first in the whole province in the article Arabic. He was here to receive a sir Thams Arnold as a teacher who has made the arbi afkar-o-adab teach sciences and assistant professor of English and Arabic at the government college Lahore in 1901. Remain in office until 1905 and meanwhile you had been published a book called Ilm-ul-Iqtisad “. And you had a college to be named England went there in 1905 and enrolled in the Cambridge University Trinity College. BA (holds honors) then helped my teachers had received while in Cambridge University Germany filed for registration in the doctoral degree. At Law and also you live there. You learn the language in six months and then Germany also acting Arabic professor at University College London. Allama Mohammad Iqbal 1908 came back to Lahore in Lahore Chief Court and the government began to advocate your position in college Lahore professor who dars-o-tadres were also associated. Chain your advocate until 1934 the UK Government in 1932 was awarded the title of “Sir” in recognition of literary achievements. Your book in 1926 “Masnavi Israr-e-Khudi” had been published. Meanwhile, you wrote many books of poetry, which was very popular. Then Iqbal Muslim seat in 1926 was elected to the Punjab Assembly. You were hired as a member of several laws. In 1927 he was elected general secretary of the Muslim League. In March 1927 Quaid-e-Azam had presented 14 points.

Stood with Quaid-e-Azam of Pakistan in 1930 and was the dream there were three round table from 1930 to 1932 that he had participated in the second and third meetings. And he died on April 21, 1937. But you wrote that stereoscopic their dog was the very consciousness of Muslims. And enthusiasm to make a separate country in Pakistan causing 14 Aug 1947 Pakistan became independent.

Best Books Of Allama Iqbal:

  • 1: Masnavi Israr-e-Khudi
  • 2: Bang-e-Dara
  • 3: Israr-e-Khudi
  • 4: Ramooz-e-Bekhudi
  • 5: Payam-e-Mashriq
  • 6: Zeyor-e-Ajjam
  • 7: Javed Nama
  • 8: Baal-e-Jibreel
  • 9: Musafir
  • 10: pas cha bad kard
  • 11: Zarb-e-Kaleem
  • 12: Armaghan-e-Hijaz

Best Poems Of Allama Iqbal:

  • 1: Ham Mashriq Ke Musalmanon Ka
  • 2: Jinhen Main Dhundhta Tha
  • 3: Kabhi Ai Haqiqat-e-Muntazir
  • 4: Khird Ke Pas Khabar Ke Siwa
  • 5: Tere Ishq Ki Intaha
  • 6: Tu Abhi Rahguzar Mein Hai
  • 7: Utho Meri Dunya Ke Garibon
  • 8: Lab Pe Ati Hai Dua Ban Ke
  • 9: Mohabbat Ka Junun
  • 10: Ajab Waiz Ki Din Dari Hai
  • 11: Ata Hai Yad Mujhko
  • 12: Gulzar-e-Hast-o-Bu
  • 13: Mumkin Hai Ke Tu Jisako Samajhata Hai
  • 14: Nahin Minnat Kash-e-Tab-e-Shanidan
  • 15: Sach Kah Dun Ai Brahman Gar Tu
  • 16: Sakhtiyan Karta Hun Dil Par
  • 17: Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan
  • 18: Sitaron Se Age Jahan

Best Poetry Of Allama Iqbal:

Ahead of the Stars

First Date Tree Saeeded By Abdul Rahman The Firs

  1.  Desire
  2. A Cow and A Goat
  3. A Longing
  4. A Mother’s Dream
  5. A Mountain and A Squirrel
  6. A Prayer
  7. Jawab-e-Shikwa
  8. Madness of Love is no more
  9. Sympathy
  10. Taraana-e-Milli
  11. The Intellect And The Heart
  12. The Interrogation
  13. The Morning Sun
  14. The Mosque Of Cordoba
  15. The One I Was Searching For On the Earth and in Heaven
  16. The Age Of Infancy
  17. The Bird’s Complaint
  18. The Candle
  19. The Candle and The Moth
  20. The Cloud On The Mountain
  21. The Colorful Rose
  22. The Crescent
  23. The Himalayas
  24. The Painful Wail
  25. Mirza Ghalib 7-31-2012
  26. Mu’tamid’s Lament In Prison
  27. Pathos Of Love
  28. Said The Coal To A Diamond
  29. Shikwaa
  30. Spain
  31. The Sun
  32. The Tomb-Stone Of Saiyyid
  33. The Withered Rose

Best Kids Poems Of Allama Iqbal:

  1. Humderdi
  2. Aik Makra aur Makhi
  3. Bechay Ki Dua
  4. Aik Gaye aur Bakri
  5. Aik Pehaar aur Gulehri
  6. Shama-o-Perwana
  7. Prinday Ki Feryaad
  8. Maa Ka Khwab
  9. Aik Prinda aur Jugnoo

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