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Latest Black Bean and Corn Salad Recipe

Latest Black Bean and Corn Salad Recipe

This is a good cause salad which is that it is full of nutrition that every age who is a very good food for people to make difficult so we will teach you the easiest way to make ۔ people who want to reduce their weight and cholesterol best for people that There are so many grains of corn and beans that is found in large amounts, potassium, vitamin A, B 1, Folic acid, Proteins, salads .And that reduce blood pressure, the body’s immune Andar increases, and protects from cancer. You should use the patient’s kidneys are less salt and hypertension, to be used if the space will be much better punch.

Latest Black Bean and Corn Salad Recipe


  • 1:Blaick or red Beans   one tin [15 ouncr]
  • 2: Corn [boiled]    2 cup
  • 3: Red capsium [choped]  ¼  cup
  • 4: Finely choped coriander leaves  ¼ cup
  • 4: Salt and Black peper   [according to tast]

Cooking Method:

This is a very easy way to make it is not need no worries

  • 1:Since you have if they lost a range of skin cancer Who supplied to give in so that it will be the entire water if not to heat a fresh benson becomewet and soft۔
  • 2: Salad bowl of the old benson, corn in a critical pieces, Choped congratulations provides CAPSICUM, green coriander leaves, salt and pepper should be included in this۔ now, they should thoroughly mix۔
  • 3: If you want to taste like and further improve the lime juice mix to take the slightly۔

Caution: There will be 65 calories per half cup.

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