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What is Blood Pressure? And Carefully

What is Blood Pressure? And Carefully

Hypertension is a very dangerous disease to this that will be more and be in control in order to protect themselves from the others you know that high blood pressure is a condition during which the vessels which long-term blood pressure gets too high, he would cause health problems such as heart disease, etc. the amount of the above measurement of blood driven by the heart oxygen and other useful things in the blood needed for it to have nutrients that are taken to different parts of the blood of war on the body arteries body is carried along by the blood to all parts and spread in every part of the body. If you have hundreds or thousands of miles long and hymays it all adds to the blood pressure in the blood movement requires a certain pressure to ensure that it is very beneficial.

What is Blood Pressure? And Carefully

The way the body conditions and this is the same as the need of blood pressure is more or less account as we are running or when they are running if there is no mental work when we should feel worry if this body is needed more blood and heart beats faster than in such a situation is due to the blood pressure is increasing ۔For example, when there is a vehicle height puts more emphasis when it comes down side is that a person is relaxed or asleep when put under stress, it is of blood pressure when his body so that the blood pressure is too high.

What is Blood Pressure? And Carefully

When our arteries whilst the rest of this time is to open naturally arteries that its aim pressure is what’s called the Diagram stulk is the pressure down and if not a heart high load will figure formed when the heart is beating pressure in the arteries more so as it is called, or systolic at risk when under the pressure higher than normal but high risk is when the villa if more pressure.

What is Blood Pressure? And Carefully

High blood pressure patients and treatment steps:

According to doctors when hypertension is much to see during the various stages are described by doctors to treat them in the following steps.


This means that the patient when it comes to a state is in dire need of treatment, if any person Hypertension better should not delay in treatment if it happens to take him to the doctor a few years. If the blood pressure is 120/80 to be between 139/89 or should be careful.

What is Blood Pressure? And Carefully


If somebody is using means that using 2,400 mg of salt a day (half a teaspoon) that must hypertension patients and 2000 to reduce grams (Spoon one-third tea) and also It should cigarettes, alcohol, or any thing to stop the use of each drug.

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