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Food for Kidney Patients? Do not Eat

Food for Kidney Patients? Do not Eat

Food for Kidney Patients Do not Eat

People who have kidney disease they have many problems should I eat are under consideration and no food to eat and how much salt and if I do not tell daktrz them are suffering from a problem but they forget it because we will have the benefit of many will tell you the best food for the patients to mitigate the problem of use and will be less weak and will recover their health it is an excellent Dakar he told us eat by changing the diet to a diet should not on a patient so that different vitamins in the body are often cooked ctkary foods at home, but should abstain from eating any of the problem of the kidney is to stay away from foods that can be harmful to their health, which often lead to dialysis and concern for his family for caution is needed, but it also means that they have no need to modify something tasty to eat only foods skty.ap which also can eat with you.

Food setting for Dialysis Patients:

  • 1: Dialysis patients should not eat meat, chicken and fish. If you want to eat more goat meat two to three stars.
  • 2: be aware that it is not put tomatoes in food.
  • risk and therefore may cause discomfort for him to breathe .This should always eat at home and avoid food from hotel
  • 3: Use the lemon and vinegar to taste your food. Also you can use two or three teaspoons of yogurt.
  • 4: If you have too much of which can be used for salads, a variety of cases you can use salad leaves, cucumber, cabbage and lemon raw in salads.
  • 5: All the sweet dish made with dried fruits and dry fruits are more patient are harmful to the kidneys. Use this time to make sweet dish dried fruit instead of apples, pineapple, cherry, two small raisins.
  • 6: kidney disease should not use too much potassium fruits. Pomegranate, banana, summer, melon, Swati, peach, it can be dangerous in food. So should use low-potassium foods such as apples, guavas, grapes, (15 pixels), strawberry (six), cherries (10 pixels), use half pears, small peaches, pineapple half a cup, all those fruits it is prohibited to use only two or three meals a fruit juice .Fruit I like to eat out, but the juice will harm.
  • 7: vegetables you would like to do this, Capsicum, cucumbers, beets, cabbage, flowering cabbage, eggplant, peas, tanned, and okra less potassium than other vegetables because. Put the saffron in the water two hours before cooking all the vegetables and then wash with warm water will be half the amount of potassium and less.
  • 8: Sugar and if so, which patients should eat sugar-free sweets and those who have high blood pressure should use less salt.
  • 9 is normal for patients phosphorus can use a thing or two angels sandwich I could have a half cup of milk.
  • 10 kidney patients should not have soft drinks is a very damaging effect on their health.

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