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University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Admission 2016 Announced

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Admission 2016 Announced

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Admission 2016 Announced

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Admission 2016 Announced.University of engineering and technology, Lahore has started preparing for their entry into, and are different in engineering, Punjab for admission in engineering and ioai with Lahore television (FSCO) affiliated colleges admission for b.s.c want to contact the student and who for the technology.

Common admission test-year 2016 Online

Common admission test, an affiliate of the (UET) all panjb 2016 the year engineering institutions in the Interior which will have for it is that b. s. c. engineering and in addition the CCTB (FSCO) will be a test of technology, as well as all candidates who wish to apply for the test will be necessary.

1:Date, time, and place of the Interior will test and where

Entrance tests for you Sunday day 17.07.2016, to his place at the same time will start 10:00 to ban

 1: University of engineering and technology, Lahore main campus

2: University of engineering and technology, kala Shah kokamps

3: University of engineering and technology, Taxila

4: : Engineering College Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

5: NFC Institute for engineering and technology. Khanewal district road Multan

 6: NFC Institute for engineering and technology, fertiliser and research. Faisalabad

7: Engineering College. Islamia University. Bhalpur

8: University of Gujarat. Gujarat

9:  International Islamic University,Islamabad

10: the Government College of technology. Rasool 1

11: Dr. AQ Khan Institute of technology. Mianwali

12: Government College of technology.Rahim Yar Khan

13: Quaid-e-Azam College of engineering and technology. Pakpattan road, six kilometers. Sahiwal

2: Qualification

Candidates are told that they are eligible to apply for entry to store test (FSC) or the Internet, midate, b. s. c. associate engineering, b-tech, what came off monthly deplo or equivalent examination turn out to be. Entry in the same way to test candidate. (UET), Lahore and kimpuss will be able to apply to enter also other entry conditions should be fulfilled. We will not associate of engineering, b-tech departments about deplo description exists on their

3: How to Application an entry test will be Fill up

entry test Application (13.06.2016) to  (30.06.2016) to their Web site ( you will be able to be online. If a candidate need to have specific health programme the centre there is the facility to their laboratories to the morning (8:30)- (3:00) munday to Friday there computer  will be in the middle of prayers, and ease them.

4: The entry test fee form and clearance of payment

Entry Test fee RS.500/. it is essential that the candidate should on their entry test himself and after this bank should take the cases of the print and that he should only derive their data record ok any HBL Bank of Pakistan in the online branch can submitted۔

5: Acquisition of the way and admitted to collect application card (Admit Card)

Candidate will receive the application only online bags must be auctioned and candidate for the test center does not need to get their candidate admitted card online is the system of some kind that since

1: 48 hours after submitting the entry fee bank wait

 2: UET۔ ( login۔Main Menu will again on the Lebanese Option click on the(Get Online Admit Card) and their identity cards and tracking number should registered.

3: if you have received confirmation of the fee if it is a clear picture(passport size colored picture with blue background,format JPEG or GIF, maximum file size upto 1.0 mb) And test center will choose the bags must be auctioned asked۔

4: You will be issued a Admit Card bags must be auctioned immediately

5: If you have received confirmation of giving fee 48 hours there was no they will be present on the web site of the university which you have to be collected in bank challan to give up is to upload۔

6: Candidate Selection of the Test Center

Instructed the candidate that test center to choose which are near or residence Domisile due to less seats in every center for immediate application to collect ۔ instructed the candidate of

2) that immediate online form should collect if I have been on the seats of hopeful Required then they will have to choose alternative test center۔

7: Necessary Instructions

Mail or will not accept the application received through Courier۔2) Test Center will have not to allow a mobile phone۔3) The last date to collect the application entry test > Thursday 30 june 2016 and 4:00 pm

8: The preparation of the Entry Eest Instructions

The preparation of the entry test instructions our website distribution of (

2: Test Requisitions

Physics.30%       Math.30%           English.10%        Elective subject.30%

Assistance with accreditation of associate engineering and b tech (Pass) candidate will only chemistry as an elective subject

9: The picture at the time of the entry test is compulsory Identity document

It is said that all candidates for the test center at the time of the entry test candidates have identified the picture for documentary evidence and real national identity cards compulsory, metric certificate, domicile  etc. I must not be home if they do not test۔

(Note) entry test result in the middle of the night in 24 July Website ( up load the bags must be auctioned۔will all answers to questions on the website will be loaded up and 17 and 18 July۔

for more information visit our site :

اگر کسی بھی امیدوار کو مزید معلومات درکار ہوں تو کمنٹ باکس میں کمنٹ کرے

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